Jun 27

Dog Food Secrets To Keep Your Dog Happy

When I came across a book known as “Dog Food Secrets”, I had no idea how great it would be. Plenty of vital statistics are provided on dog health and the longevity of different dogs. So many companies claim they have the best dog food for our dogs but this is not exactly true. With this book, I have learned useful ways to feed my dog properly and so add to its life as a result.

If dogs are not looked after properly it can lead to a significant loss of vitality. Dogs with healthier diets have been proven to lead to happier lives for the dogs.

Many pet products, including commercial dog foods, can have chemicals which could even be harmful to our pets. Dog owners are as a result spending thousands of dollars on vet bills. In fact, we are feeding our pets with products containing chemicals that are typically banned in human food because of their causing different cancers and hair loss, amongst other things.

As a dog lover I want to provide my dog with good dog food, food that is wholesome and free from harmful chemicals. This book has introduced me to ways that I can give my babies the best foods and provide them with the best possible life. Thanks to having this book, I’m able to keep my dogs in a far healthier condition for as long as possible.

Dog Food Secrets is a dog owner’s guide to a happier and healthier pet. Thanks to this book, your dog will have a better overall nutrition and so you can offer your furry friends alternative recipes for their food. The wonderful foods can be prepared in larger batches and frozen so you can feed your dog this nutritious food every day. This book is

Jun 27

How To Build A Dog-proof Fence

Do you want to keep your k9 safe in your backyard? Worried that your dog might escape when youre not at home or during night time? Do you want to keep him away from other pets, kids and people in your neighborhood to prevent possible trouble from happening? Building a dog proof fencing system is a practical solution if you have qualms about the safety of your beloved pet!

Making a dog-proof fence is not rocket science. In fact, everybody can make their own dog proof fencing system by just following these simple strategies or installation steps. As you all know, most dogs have the habit of digging or going under fences. If the latch isnt secure enough, they can also manage to open the gate.

One way of ensuring that your fence is dog-proof at all times is to regularly check if it needs any necessary repairs. Inspect if there are gaps and holes that are big enough for your dog to squeeze through. If you have a sturdy fence, you will prevent your dog from digging under or jump over it.

Remember, the standard height for a good fence is about 5 to 6 foot tall. On the base, it is highly recommended that it is concreted to prevent your dog from digging out. To stop your canine from squeezing his way under the fence, put cement blocks under the fence or extend the wire from the bottom of the fence to a few feet underground. You should also give your k9 his own little space with loose soil in the backyard where he can play and satisfy his digging urges.

Remove all the objects such as tables or chairs near the fence as they could serve as jumping pads. Some dogs may be able to jump over

Jun 27

Why Not Consider The Manchester Terrier Dog

The Manchester terrier is one of those dogs that puts a lot of personality into a fairly small package. A remarkably attractive pet with a convenient smooth and short-haired coat, this terrier is one of those breeds with an interesting background stemming from the early, “working dog” days.

These terriers derive from the old black and tan terrier breed in England. Back in those days, terriers weren’t known for their beauty — to put it kindly — but they were tireless, muscular, and keen. In fact, they were widely known as the best rat killers around, regardless of the terrain. Their skill and enthusiasm easily overcame any objections to their physical appearance, and the breed grew very popular.

At some point, a black and tan fancier crossed one of his terriers with a whippet, a far more graceful-looking dog resembling a Greyhound. The result was a beautiful dog retaining all the terrier prowess, and this new variety made quite a splash. Even so, the new dogs were also called Black and Tans until the Manchester Terrier Club finally formed in the 1920s, changing the breed name to Manchester terrier.

Despite all they have to offer, including a wonderful suitability for today’s urban environments, the Manchester terrier isn’t nearly as well known as it ought to be. In fact, although it enjoyed a surge in popularity sometime back, the breed is practically obscure these days, with only a few dedicated breeders sustaining it.

Yet despite our neglect, the Manchester terrier is a gorgeous breed in its own right that has contributed its beauty and brains to much more well-known breeds, like the Doberman Pinscher. Even better for urbanites, it comes in two varieties — standard, which ranges from 12-22 pounds, and the toy breed, which is typically about 10.


Jun 25

Tricks For Finding Your Lost Dog

If you have a dog companion, chances are that they will find a way to escape the confines of your yard or home at some point in their life. While many return home by dinnertime, others will wander off for longer periods of time causing their owners considerable worry. Follow a few simple tips to boost your chances of finding your lost dog quicker.

While you are out searching your neighborhood, have a family or friend call local animal shelters, humane societies and other similar facilities in case someone brings in your lost dog. Make sure that they leave a full description along with your contact information. On that note, be sure to carry your cell phone with you or check your messages at home often just in case someone has seen your dog.

Tell as many people as possible about your lost dog. Neighbors, friends and family will usually be very sympathetic to your situation and will help in your search. To increase your chances of finding your companion by creating a larger search party, use the assistance of online pet recovery services. There are reputable Internet pet recovery systems that will alert hundreds of people at a time about your situation. They will focus on animal organizations and neighbors in your area who are more likely to have spotted or recovered your missing dog.

If your dog has had a microchip inserted under their skin, they will be easily identified by veterinary clinics, animal shelters and other organizations that have microchip scanners in their possession. Call the company that youve registered your dog with to see if they have received word about your lost dog.

In the meantime, continue to search for your dog yourself by taking daily walks in your neighborhood. If you visit parks or

Jun 24

The Importance Of Having A Watch Dog At Home

Homeowners looking for a method of improving security without taking expensive measures to put in complicated equipment might consider getting a watch dog. A watch dog adds an element of security and warning against intruders to a home as well as improving personal protection.

Basics of Watch Dogs

Watch dogs are any canines that are able to warn owners of strangers. When it comes to finding a pet that will give a warning of potential danger by barking and offer assistance in protecting the owners, family protection dogs are the ideal choice. The dog will watch for intruders and protect against danger.

Watch dogs are not always guard dogs, particularly when the dog is relatively small. The key difference between a basic watch dog and a guard dog is the improved protection offered by the canine. The biggest factor that makes a difference in whether the dog is good at guarding the family or simply issuing a warning is the size and temperament of the pet. A good guard dog will have courage and the ability to take down an attacker.

Protection Against Intruders

Personal protection dogs offer safety around the home. A key element that is important to any individual or family is feeling safe while in the comfort of home. Any time it does not feel safe, the home becomes uncomfortable.

A benefit of getting trained German Shepherds or similar guard dog breeds is the feeling of safety at home. A trained guard dog will not get friendly with anyone who is a stranger. Furthermore, the trained dog has been taught ways to protect the owner or whole family from potential harm.

Benefits of Calm Breeds

Finding the best dog for the protection of the home means looking for the pet that has a great temperament, courage

Jun 23

A Paralyzed Dog When Euthanasia Is Simply Not The Option

Having a paralyzed dog is usually a demanding and tragic experience especially when your pet dog companion has been along with you for countless years. Yet somehow you dont have to put your own trustworthy good friend to rest. Though euthanasia had been the common course of action in the matter of paralyzed dogs it is not really the only choice.

In the instance that your pet dog in perfect shape except for the paralysis, there are alternatives amenable to your four-legged friend and also you. One particular solution might be utilising a dog wheelchair.Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchairs are tailor made to every pet and therefore made available at cost-effective price points. Developed by a veterinary orthopedic surgeon, a Best Friend Mobility dog wheel chair can aid your canine keep on its energetic everyday life and also provide you with considerably more years of companionship.Numerous tips to help you as well as your paralyzed dog cope

1. Request your dogs vet for more tips with reference to buying a dog wheelchair.Your own dogs veterinarian knows much more about your pets state than you do. A animal medical practitioner can really help your canine friend obtain the hang of having a dog wheelchair. A vet can also advise adjustments which will be helpful to your own animal’s healing and ease and comfort.

2. Work with your dog on treatment options.Physical therapy and also therapy can aid your pet dog. A dog wheelchair can maintain dog active through giving mobility aid. A few vertebral injuries or neurological problems can improve with physical therapy.

3. Utilise doggie nappies first.A Best Friend Mobility dog wheelchair will grant your canine to complete everyday doggie activities even though buckled in. Then again, although your pet is still getting used to its wheel chair, have it

Jun 22

Using Hand Signals During Labrador Training

Every time one mentions labrador training, what comes into mind most of the time is a dog owner training his dog using verbal commands. But while this method is indeed the most widely used, an owner can also choose to use hand signals to further increase the odds of getting positive training outcome. Apart from that, using hand signals is beneficial if the pet is affected by some kind of hearing difficulty.

For added enlightenment, here are the reasons justifying the use of hand signals:

– Dog breeds with wonderful work ethics and even temperament like the labrador retriever are popular working dogs. They make great disabled-assistance dogs and are used in search and rescue missions and in illegal detection. Teaching a dog with hand signals will let him identify what the plan of action is without making a sound and makes communication easy if you’re working in a noisy atmosphere.

– Despite your effort to keep your pet near you most of the time, he may possibly run away especially if he spots something interesting on the other side of the road – a fashionable poodle, a barking chihuahua, waste can, squirrel or anything that has captured his attention. The situation can be dangerous but if he is trained to respond to hand signals, you can be at ease knowing that you can tell him what to do even if he is away.

– Hand signals can be used to highlight many labrador training commands. Like for example if you are training your lab to stay, placing your hand (palm facing out) in front of his snout can help him understand what he needs to do. Additionally, outstretched arms and inviting look may mean “come” while an extended arm with palm facing down, forming a parallel position with the

Jun 19

Mange In Dogs – What’s The Solution

Dogs are prone to many different skin problems, including dog mange.

This type of skin problem is considered a serious disease and mange can be the one of the worst skin diseases that
can attack your dog.


Mange in Dogs usually starts with excessive itching.

Although it is normal for dogs to scratch and lick themselves, any excessive scratching and licking is an alarming signal. You will know that your dog may have mange with the following symptoms:

* Your dog scratches so heavily that red sores start to appear

* Together with these red sores, your dog loses some hair

* Your dog’s skin becomes dry, crusty, and wrinkled

* Your dog emits a foul smell

* In severe cases of mange, skin blisters and reddening are accompanied by open wounds and blood


The cause of mange in dogs is traceable to the mites burrowed in your dog’s hair.

These mites are too tiny to be seen and are often invisible to the eyes. The female mites are responsible for their rapid multiplication by biting your dog’s skin.

These bites cause your dog severe itching, making them continuously scratch the affected area. The rapid multiplication of the mites opens the risks to the mange skin disease.

Unhealthy environment and poor hygiene and grooming contribute to the spread of mange. Another cause can be the deterioration of your dog’s immune system.


Mange in dogs is a serious skin disease that is best handled by your dog’s veterinarian.

In the event you can’t bring your dog to his veterinarian right away, the safest treatment you can give your dog is applying natural remedies.

Most of these natural remedies can be found right in your

Jun 17

Most Popular Dog Names

By far the most popular dog name for a male dog is Max. Many dog lovers like to chose names according to their culture that suits the country they’re in but if you’re looking at strictly North America the top 10 most common names we’ve found based on research include Rocky, Buddy, Jack, Bentley, Charlie, Bailey, Sam, Shadow, Duke and Toby. For a female dog, the top name is Bella followed by Molly, Lucy, Sophie, Chloe, Maggie, Daisy, Abby, Zoe, and Lola. The name you give your dog tends to be something that fits your own lifestyle and the personality of the dog so it’s good to follow a few rules when choosing a name for your dog. First it depends if this is a puppy or adult dog that you’re naming for the first time because adult dogs tend to already have a personality that help you narrow down your choice. For this article we will focus on naming a puppy, so there are 3 rules to go by which is 1) keep the name simple, usually one syllable is best so it’s easy for your dog to respond to the name. Second rule is wait a few days before deciding on the name – you don’t want to rush into a name that doesn’t fit the dog and do a bit of thinking before making such an important choice, after all this is a family member and should be treated that way. And lastly – make the name fitting for the dog.

If you end up getting a cute cuddly poodle, calling it killer may not be the best choice although some may like the irony and go with it anyways. At the end of the first week that you’ve had your dog, of course the name

Jun 16

Dog Beds For Your Small Dogs

Dogs are one of the most loved and faithful animals; that’s why dog owners tends to take extra good care of them. And if that dog is small then it is wise to buy a dog bed. Buying dog beds for small dogs is very necessary if you want to watch your little puppy wag his tail. If you crave this, buying dog beds for small dogs becomes an obvious reason as by this you not only give him the comfy pet bed to sleep and laze in but also to play.
As per the veterinary experts, if you want to keep your puppy healthy and fine then make sure that he is indulged in various activities. Comfort is something which everyone desires – whether it’s a human being or a pet. Thus buying one of the best dog beds for small dogs is essential. Nowadays, dog beds come in various shapes, sizes, colors and designs. In short, whether you are looking for a large dog bed or a small dog bed, you can easily find the perfect pet bed to match your dog.
Pet Supply Factory is one place wherein you can get the finest dog beds for small dogs. Herein you are provided with various dog beds such as an orthopaedic dog bed, a lounger pet bed or a donut dog bed. In all whatever you wish for Pet Supply Factory will provide you with that. For your convenience, Pet Supply provides a huge assortment of dog beds for small dogs such as:
Bagel Donut dog bed
Donut dog bed
Lounger dog bed
Round dog bed
Rectangle dog bed
Orthopaedic dog bed
In other words, you name it and Pet Supply Factory will have it for you. Apart from

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