Aug 11

Finding A Vet For Your Labrador Retriever

If you are a pet owner then youll know one of the most important and possibly one of the most difficult things to do is find a Vet. A lot of pet owners obtain referrals from family or friends, but if youre new to this it maybe difficult where to start.

A place to begin from would be to make a list of potential vets in your local area from the phone book, include any referrals offered from family or friends and make an appointment to meet each one. Explain to them that youre looking for a vet and would like to ask a few questions about your Labrador Retriever or even see if you can bring your dog with you to meet them.

The next thing you might like to consider before meeting the vet are about their office and waiting areas. Are they clean; is the staff friendly to you and your pet? Does it resemble a friendly environment for puppy and others in the waiting room?

Things to ask the vet could be any or all of the following:
Are same day appointments possible?

What are their fees and service structure or policies, do they have special services if you know your Labrador Retriever requires them. Are you able to have a fee schedule? Do they offer or accept pet insurance? Are you able to pay fees by credit card?

Do they offer 24 hour emergency services or linked to an animal hospital near by.

Ask about their experience and educational background, perhaps relating to Labrador Retrievers and any issues theyve seen in this breed. What are their views on spaying or neutering and at what age?

Is the vet able to answer all your questions without rushing you out the door?
If you bring

Aug 08

Labrador Puppies Sydney General Information

We receive numerous requests for advice, information, assistance, etc from around the World in relation to Labrador puppies. So, we have attempted to provide information in this article (mainly our opinion), hopefully to be of some assistance.

The three ‘official’ colours of Labradors are yellow (sometimes incorrectly called ‘golden’), black, and chocolate. One interesting request for advice we received was in relation to a Labrador that had had puppies, and which were spotted (ie like dalmations)!

The request was whether these were ‘normal’ markings etc! In this particular case, the person who owned the female Labrador (ie the mum) had apparently used the services of a stud Dog (but without sighting the pedigree papers first). In our opinion, there seems to be some other breed in the pedigree of these pup’s parents and which led to these spotted markings.

The environment in which the puppies are continued to be raised in after they leave us is also very important. There are a range of factors can have have various effects upon their development. For example, the level and type of exercise they are exposed to, the quantity and quality of their diet, etc.

The minimum age at which a pup should be sold is eight weeks (in NSW). We are aware that some other breeders do sell their pups earlier. And we also receive requests re this. However, in our opinion, a Puppy should not be sold any earlier than eight weeks of age (allowing for vaccination at six weeks of age etc).

All of our pups are wormed for intestinal worms on several occasions prior to going to their new homes. Regular worming should continue, and may vary depending on the location and risks etc. Local veterinarian advice may be of assistance in this regard.

In our opinion, all

Aug 06

How To Build A Great Dog Run

Is your quadruped driving you berserk? Develop peace of mind immediately by making a nice dog run that will keep it secure. In this article you will discover valuable info that will go through the most important aspects that need to be considered before building. First of all, you should understand that there are an a few reasons why you should make a dog run. You could make one in order to keep your quadruped confined to a good spot so that it can be left unsupervised for a larger time period, or to keep it from chewing and digging various plants in the garden. A good dog run will also offer good protection from the outdoor electrical equipment or gear.

Before actually beginning to construct your dog run you must ask yourself some things. How large do you need the dog run to be and where are you going to place it? Is it large enough to necessitate a building license? In case of extreme weather will it provide good protection? Does your dog have the ugly habit of barking endlessly and distressing the neighbors? Does it need a clean water resource? These are all extremely crucial questions, without taking them into thinking your project is very likely to disappoint.

You have considered these aspects and now decided how you want to build, but what now? We can begin with the floor of your dog run. The dog run itself can be successfully constructed using various different construction materials. Many nice dog runs feature a solid, thick concrete floor. If you want to build your floor using concrete you should consider making it smooth and not very slippery. You should also make a tiny slope so that the liquid will have sufficient place to drain.


Aug 05

Clear Tips On How To Meet Great Labrador Breeders

Are you thinking of adopting a Labrador retriever? Well, it is crucial to find the right breeder to provide you with pups. Its a good thing there are currently a lot of licensed Labrador breeders who are well equipped with the right facilities, and have love and genuine interest to dogs and their welfare. As a future pet owner, your responsibility is to find these individuals and make sure that they are fully qualified to handle any breeding services. This way, you would get the chance of taking home healthy puppies that are not only active, but quite affectionate as well.

The first step would require you to find Labrador breeders living in places near you. Vicinity is important because if you have agreed to each others terms, you would have to go to their homes or farms to see the puppies and the other breeding dogs. If you have a lot of funds and distance is not a big issue for you, feel free to look anywhere around the country. If you have a tight budget, stick to areas within driving distance.

The Internet is a useful avenue to find great Labrador breeders. You can either call up or email Labrador retriever breeders listed in prestigious dog breeding clubs or you can also interact in forums and groups that are geared for pet lovers and breeders alike. Once you have noted potential individuals, it is important to ask them for a copy of their reference. Good breeders are often willing to present to you the necessary documentations since they think that this will be able to help show you their track record.

Dont be afraid of asking questions if you want to check Labrador retriever breeders thoroughly. In return, dedicated ones would also give you a series of probing

Aug 05

Cord Dog Leash

As were searched for the best of the best dog supplies, the braided dog leash made of 550 paracord caught my eye in a Blog from Paracord expert Stormdrane. I wasn’t too familiar with the Parachute Cord (or paracord), only knowing that this type of cord was used extensively by the brave men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces.

The 550 paracord is is an all-purpose material and is used as a survival tool in an emergency and survival situation. The paracord’s original use was back in World War II when the paratroopers used the paracord for their suspension lines for their parachutes. It was even used by the astronauts to fix the Hubble Space Telescope.

Nowadays, the paracord is not limited to the use of military personnel, but civilians also. In the situation of an emergency, the paracord may be used as a structure for creating a tent and as a replacement for shoe lace. The inner fibers may be used to floss your teeth as well as creating snares in catching food such as small animals and birds.

The Paracord blew me away because of its strength, the lightweight feature, and the awesome colors available. I also knew very little about weaving, so with a little inspiration from Stormdrane and our two Shiba Inus, I decided to make the Paracord dog leash. Since then, my experience in working with paracord brought me to creating hundreds of dog leashes, collars and paracord bracelets. The ParaCord dog leashes are a sure hit with our dogs, our neighbors who we come across on our daily walks, and other dog owners at our local dog park.

The Paracord Dog Leash is custom hand-crafted with over twenty colors to choose from. The available colors include: red, royal blue, black, olive

Aug 03

Ideas For Homemade Dog Toys

Buying commercial dog toys can be very expensive at times. You are also not 100% sure if they are safe to your canine pet. Some dog toys contain harmful deadly toxins and chemicals that may be detrimental to your dog’s health. Other pet chews and toys also have lead components that can cause vomiting, poor appetite and dogs diarrhea.

Though dog toys are not a necessity, they can play an important role in sustaining your dogs agility while training him and boosting his confidence. They can also provide entertainment and keep your dog preoccupied and physically active all day long.

To make sure that the toys you give to your k9 are safe and non-toxic, why not make simple homemade dog toys yourself? Here are a few ideas on how to make dog toys from recyclable materials that can be found in comfort of your home:

Rope Dog Toy
To make this simple homemade dog toy, what you need are old towel or handkerchief and scissors. Cut about 4 inches of strips of towel along the end then bundle the strips together to create a knot. Afterwards, braid your strips together and until 3 inches from the end. Voila, you have a nice little rope dog toy!

Gutless Fleece Dog Toy
You will need 9 feet of rope and a can of 3 tennis balls. Begin by placing one tennis ball in a clamp. With the use of a drill, make a hole through the tennis ball. Next, thread the rope through the holes. Tie a simple knot near the ball. Knot the ends of the rope to avoid fraying. Finally, tie a second knot near the ends of the rope.

Water Bottle Dog Toy
Making this homemade dog toy is so easy. All you need

Aug 03

Dog Costume Mans Best Friend All Dressed Up!

For pet lovers, there is no other choice then to bring your pet with you wherever you go (I know you’re guilty of it, too!). Holidays are the same. Make sure that your dog is dressed in style in their very own halloween costume. Pet costumes aren’t just for dogs. You can also dress your cat, bunny, turtle or any other house pet. Big, small or really small, there is a dog costume that will fit your pet. Remember, your pet doesn’t have to be a dog to wear a dog costume–just make sure to buy the correct size or simply make one!

Many dogs and cats can fit into childrens size clothing. Old sweatshirts, jeans and even one of your childs past Halloween costumes can easily be recycled and transformed into a new witch or ballerina outfit. Bear in mind that dog costumes should contain as few elements as possible and because it only has to last through one wearing, can be easily fastened with Krazy Glue or duct tape. Making costumes for cats is easy as well, but getting your cat to wear it is a whole other matter.

You may not have the time to think all these things out, in which case, buy dog costumes online. Superman, cape and all, and other characters await without the planning and improvising.

Keep in mind that Halloween costumes are not on doggy lists of fun things to do. You want to make the costume as comfortable for your pet as possible. Avoid slipping anything over the animals head. The costume should not restrict movement or be too tight or too long for the animal to walk in. Your dog must be able to see and breathe through the costume so put those aviator goggles away. Make sure too

Aug 03

Dog Care – Obedience Training

Dogs that simply just don’t listen can be a handful. We all have encountered them at some point, whether it is our own dog or someone else’s dog. The owners yelling at their dog, doing every thing they can just to get the dog to listen. When all we (the dog owners) and the dog needed is obedience training. Obedience training is a way of communication between the owner and the dog. Obedience training doesn’t cure all of the dog’s bad behaviors but it is a start. They teach the basics sit, stay, come and lay down. Depending on the course you choose. The basics are for safety issues also, you don’t want your dog running out every time someone opens the door or jumping all over your guests as they enter your home. Obedience training is a terrific way to start training. After he conquers the basic commands then you can train him to do other things such as tricks, agility whatever you may choose. It is suggested that all dogs should go through obedience training, even if you have the time to put in with your dog to train him yourself. By both using the trainer and the owner it is a fact that it is more effective.

There are a lot of obedience training classes in your area. Some pet shops even offer them. If you would like to have your obedience trained in your home, their are plenty of trainers who will come to your home. It is important to research all of the trainers, whether they are in home or training classes. Some trainers can be very expensive find out if they have referrals, ask your veterinarian or if your friends have used some one. You know the saying you get what you pay for

Aug 03

Understanding Labrador Retrievers Connecting Hunting Abilities To A Lab’s Behavior In The Home

Labrador Retrievers are many things to many people. Because of their loving nature and obedient temperament, these dogs have not only made great companions and helpers, but they are most often used as service dogs for the blind and handicapped.

How many dogs are adaptive enough to live with all of those different roles, yet still have the personality to enjoy swimming, hunting, and play fetching games? Labs are truly universal pets which is why they are my favorite dog to own.

What Makes The Lab Tick? Labrador Retrievers are the product of long generations of breeders who used stringent selection for an animal that is intensely motivated to retrieve and plunge themselves into icy waters, swim against the hardest current, and swim back carrying a heavy waterfowl back to its hunter.

Having such a genetic ability to accomplish this job takes strength, endurance, determination, and the mental toughness to ignore any pain along the way. Sometimes the prey may still be alive and trying to fight its way out of the dog’s mouth.

The Strong-Willed Psyche of the Labrador Retriever: The pressures of performing their hunting abilities, as described above, not only sharpens and strengthens a Labrador’s physical body, it also shapes the dog’s psyche. Motivation and determination is something that can only cause a dog to be so driven that they can make the fall (find the position) of a fallen bird, search for it regardless of the terrain, retrieve its prey under any circumstances, and then bring it back successfully to the hunter.

You Can Learn From This Hunting Behavior: This determination that Labs have when out in the hunting fields is a great way to understand the behavior in the home. Some of you may be wondering why it is important to know just how

Aug 03

Why Do People Love Cat Videos So Much – Psychology May Be at Work

Famous Cats on Internet
– Maru, the Japanese cat who can fit in any box.
– Snoopy Cat, the fashionable cat.
– Nala, the surprised cat.
– Colonel Meow, the serious cat.

Cats have been famous for their crazy antics, they’ll break your things, spoil and scratch your carpet and curtains, end up sleeping in your shoe, yet we’ll love them for what they are. Their constant purring keeps our house lively. Having a sad day? Go home after a tiring day, and one innocent look from your cat is going to melt your heart away. The trend these days shows that the Internet is abuzz with a lot of cat videos. Indeed, why are cats so funny and heart breakingly cute?

Evidently, there is an epic war of cat owners and dog owners, regarding which is the better pet. Dogs are man’s best friend in real life, but it seems cats are man’s best friend on the Internet. Dogs are trained, and they will obediently carry out all your instructions. On the other hand, cats won’t care much (unless they’re hungry), and it does not matter to them who observes them and what others think of them. Rather, they must be thinking that humans are morons, wasting their time going to offices, and going behind stupid things. Undeniably, cat videos and pictures have the highest number of page clicks than other funny animals. Sorry dog owners, the cats win here.

Why Do We Love Cat Videos
You leave the cat alone, and still it will entertain itself. It does not need anyone to be nearby or tell it what to do. If you observe them, they have a whole universe around themselves, and won’t feel intimidated by anything. Consequently, today, there are many people who are looking for cat videos and funny

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