May 19

Caring For Your Dog

Dogs are social animals that have worked with humans for thousands of years. They have played an important role in various different cultures. Dogs are highly valued for their intelligence and loyalty, and it is important to train and care for them properly.

Despite the importance of dogs, owners may find that there are many challenges in training and caring for them. While many people want to own a dog, few know how to train them properly. A dog which is not disciplined will not bring happiness to its owners. Too many people allow their dogs to develop bad habits

You want to make sure you purchase quality food for your dog, even if its a bit expensive. Cheap dog food won’t give your dog the healthy look it should have. You want your dog to have a shiny coat and bright eyes. Dogs are much like their owners, and will behave in many of the same ways.

Dogs are like small children, and should be treated as such. Dogs should not be left alone for long periods of time, as they are prone to getting into trouble. When dogs are left alone at home, they need to have a designated area with boundaries. Leave chew toys and other things that will keep them occupied.

When your dog behaves properly, you should always praise and reward him. This teaches him that good behavior leads to rewards, while bad behavior does not. When you do this, you will find that your dog behaves properly on a regular basis. When your dog doesn’t behave properly, you should also discipline him, so that he understands the difference between right and wrong behavior.

There is a difference between discipline and abuse. There are some dog owners that don’t understand this, and hit or kick

May 19

Pros And Cons of Having an Adorable Cat Around Growing Children

The presence of one or several cats in one’s home may be a very good thing for the development of one’s children. Cats can be something more than mere companions. When children interact with pets, they can learn valuable lessons of altruism, but they also have the chance to practice things such as patience and respect.

Children should be encouraged to take utmost care of the family’s pets. This may teach them how to become responsible for themselves, the others, their actions. It’s also good for children to learn at an early age how to look after another small being such as a cute, playful pet. Karen Lee Stevens, the founder of the All for Animals Association and the creator of Compassion for Critters animal protection program, says that children should take care of their pets, but still gives certain warnings in this respect. She says that regardless of their best intentions, children should not be allowed to take all by themselves care of their pets. Thus, parents must teach their children by the power of the example, how to feed their pets properly, how to play with them, handle pets, how to treat them in general. Otherwise, parents might have unpleasant surprises.

Children, in their innocence and due to the richness of their imagination, can get dangerous ideas about how to handle a pet. And of course, cats make no exception to this imminent danger. Because of that, parents must know that they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for the cat’s well being, not their children. By acknowledging this simple fact, both cats and children can avoid being traumatized by each other.

Mieshelle Nagelschneider, another cat behavior expert, also agrees with these previously mentioned ideas. She says that by buying a cat, parents must take up the responsibility of looking

May 19

Letter To Your Neighbor Regarding Their Barking Dog

Many of us have been faced with the dilemma of a neighbors barking dog and how we are to get the dog to stop barking. Solutions range from the extreme of calling law enforcement to the more personal conversation with your neighbor. Either way, the thought of having to deal with such an unpleasant situation is enough to make you sick from stress. How do you like that? You get stressed over having to stop your neighbors dog from barking. Knowing that many people have to deal with this problem, much like I did, I thought it would be helpful if I shared a letter that I wrote to my neighbor. Hopefully you can cut and paste this into a word document and make some minor tweaks that better fit your personality. Here is the letter for your use

Dear Neighbor,

As Im sure you are unaware, your dog has been barking throughout the day while youve been at work. I try to calm him down by talking through the fence to him. Unfortunately, this only seems to aggravate him more. I wish there was something I could do that would get him to stop barking. Since I work odd hours, Im normally home during the day and need to get rest. Im not sure if you would consider a bark collar or not but we need to find a solution to the barking.

Ive had friends who have called law enforcement on their neighbors before informing them of the barking problem first. I am the type of person that would like to resolve the issue between us before ever having to consider that option.

I think a bark collar or a Bark Free Ultrasonic device would be two great solutions. My cousin uses the bark collar

May 16

Self Defense-dog Attack Prevention Checklist

Walking, running, cycling and jogging is not as popular here as it is in Europe. Europeans are used to walking or cycling almost everywhere. Maybe that’s why Europeans are in much better shape and have much less incidence of diabetes than Americans do.

They seem much more active than their ‘new country’ counterparts here in the US. Yet millions and millions of Americans every year walk, run, cycle and jog either alone, with a friend or with their trusty sidekick- their dog.

One of the biggest threats to this great outdoor exercise is to be attacked by a dog or a pack of dogs. It happened to me one time and if you’ve ever experienced it, it is something you will never forget.

Nearly 5,000,000 Americans get bit by a dog annually, with close to 1 million needing medical treatment. Of those nearly half are kids. Those requiring medical treatment close to a half-million need emergency room care. There is several things that you can do for your self defense and self defense against dogs-dog defense.

Here is a self defense dog attack prevention checklist to stop a charging dog. See how to stop a dog attack.

1.Don’t ever approach a dog you don’t know.

2.Always let a dog sniff you first before trying to pat it.

3.Never turn your back and run away from a dog.

4.Don’t bother a sleeping or eating dog.

5.Don’t try and take a toy away from a dog.

6.Be very cautious around dogs.

7.Carry some self defense products with you when you’re walking, jogging or cycling.

There are several self defense products that are very good. The first is a canine repellent that uses ultrasonic sound it humans can’t hear. The second is the telescopic stun baton that extends to 21 inches,

May 16

Different Type Of Dog Crates

Do you love to travel? Do you travel with your pets, particularly dogs? For better convenience in your travel, there are materials that you can use. One of those materials are dog crates, they are available in different styles and made of different materials, too. This will give you convenience during your travel. You dont have to worry about your pet getting lost. All you have to do is to check them in and let the security of the airlines take care of it. Dog crates can also be used in your car, in your house, and also in your yard. Below are some of the popular examples of dog crates that you can have.

Plastic Dog Crates: This type of dog crate is the cheapest type of crates. They are also light in weight. Aside from they are light in weight, they also come in different sizes depending on what type of pet you have and the size of pet you have as well. This is also the most common dog crates that are used by most owners when they travel for it is very convenient and easy to carry.

Metal Dog Crates: This type of crates on the other hand is also light in weight but very durable compared to plastic crates, especially if these crates are made of quality metals like stainless steel, aluminium, alloy, and titanium. But the downfall of these types of dog crates is the price. They may cost more compared to plastic crates. But when it comes to quality and durability assurance, these materials are really reliable. Your money will all be worth it.

Wood Dog Crates: This is one of the most expensive crates that you can have since dog crates that are made of wood could be very decorative. They

May 16

How To Pick A Great Dog Groomer

There are many things that you need to do to take care of your dog. You need to feed it, water it, and have it groomed. One real problem when getting your dog groomed is finding a great dog groomer. Sometimes it can be difficult because there are so many pet groomers out there. Finding the right match for you and your dog can be made much easier if you have some guidelines to go by. Use the following guidelines when picking out a great dog groomer.

“The first thing you should do is ask your family and friends for a recommendation. Most of the time this is the best way to find a great dog groomer. People that you know can usually tell you which groomer are good and which ones are not.
“If you don”t receive any recommendations then look on the internet and read customer reviews. People often post their experience with groomers online. This can be an invaluable way to find a great groomer.
“Make sure that the dog groomer is close to your home if your dog gets nervous in the car.
“Once you have a great recommendation then you need to research the groomer to be sure that they are appropriate for your dog. Before you make the appointment it is recommended that you go into the groomers and see what type of tools they use for grooming pets.
“Next you need to ask them how they handle untrained dogs. The methods that they use say a lot of their professionalism. They should use a muzzle and have methods to calm and sooth the dog.
“Make sure that the groomer is certified and have the proper license. Make sure they are qualified. Ask if they went to dog

May 15

Classic Barbour Waterproof Dog Coats

There are times when the weather is bad, especially in autumn and winter when your dog needs something more than just a dog raincoat, which is fine for just carrying in your pocket when out for a short walk to slip on your dog if the rain comes on suddenly but a lightweight dog raincoat won’t keep your dog warm as well. A waterproof dog coat that is lined and fits your dog closely will keep your dog warm and dry.

The successful Barbour have been making waterproof clothing for people for over 150 years and are a well-known, respected company, holding a Royal Warrant to the Queen in England for the supply of waterproof clothing, including the waterproof dog coats that Barbour starting making several years ago. The Queen has quite a few corgi dogs and they all wear a Barbour waxed waterproof dog coat whenever the weather dictates. The classic Barbour waxed jackets and coats are worn by celebrities, royals and everyday people in the U.K. and the design is much copied, rather like Burberry or Chanel. Barbour have now expanded to the States and other countries.

Buying the Barbour brand, you are automatically getting a garment that has stood the test of time, in terms of popularity, comfort, and timeless appeal – exactly the features a dog owner would want in a waterproof dog coat, to protect their dog from the elements. Barbour waxed waterproof dog coats, are also windproof, and thornproof, like their human wax jackets. Olive green has always been the traditional colour for Barbour country attire, and the waterproof dog coat too comes in this colour, with the simple yet perfect Barbour tartan lining and a proper adjustable belt and buckle to fasten the coat onto your dog to ensure a secure,

May 15

History of the Bichon Frise Dog Breed

Friendly with a real joy for life running through it, the Bichon Frise is a happy dog and makes a great pet. It simply adores its family. This article provides a brief account of the history of this breed.

The Bichon Frise is a breed that has had a long journey for reaching the point where it is today. Long ago, there was a certain breed of dog named the Barbet or Water Spaniel. It is said that a lot of curly coated breeds came from this dog, one of them being the Caniche or Poodle. Some others were the Bichon breeds such as the Bichon Maltais, the Bichon Bolonais, and the Bichon Tenerife. All these Bichons can be called exotic breeds because they originated in the Mediterranean Sea area.

The Bichon Tenerife is the ancestor of the Bichon Frise. It is said that the Tenerife was a companion to Spanish sailors. It kept them company and in return, they used it as a bargaining tool. Going on like this, this breed made it all the way to the Canary Islands.

In the 1300s, Italian sailors and explorers made their way to the Canary Islands and rediscovered this dog, taking a liking to its happy go lucky nature. In Italy, the breed quickly got the attention of the rich and famous. From then on, it lived a life of luxury. The French noticed this breed around the 1400s, when they invaded Italy. It was taken in by King Francis the First.

During the rule of King Henry III, its popularity began to grow because it became a favorite with the King. It even appeared in several paintings by famous artists. However, it started to fall from its position of the ‘best lap dog’ around the 18th century. Very soon after, the dog that

May 13

Giving Your Dog The Inappropriate Dog Food May Silently Kill Him

Since there are a lot of different types of dog foods out there today, do you know which one to buy to feed your dog? How do you make sure the dog food that you chose is healthy for your dog? We as dog owners must ensure that our dogs eat balanced and healthy diets.

To select the best dog food for your dog, you must examine the label on the dog food carefully. Do not just scan through it. You need to read everything it says.

The label on a bag of dog food will list the ingredients from greatest weight to least. This is important to know because you will learn what components are present in the food in their specific amounts.

– Whenever the first line on the ingredients list is some kind of whole meat, you can ignore it because this number is calculated before even the meat is processed.

– Animal by-products that are used in dog food symbolize inferior quality dog food.

– Read the moisture level: if it is anything over 11, this indicates that the dry matter basis is of a low quality.

Things to watch out for:

– A good sign is to have chicken or beef meal listed as the first ingredient, instead of whole meat listed as the first ingredient. If this is the case, then the dog food would contain more protein.

– The good thing about premium dog foods is that they don’t contain animal by-products.

– An ideal dog food should contain at most 10% moisture. Premium dog foods usually fall into this category.

There is a difference between chicken meal and chicken. Chicken meal is chicken that has been cooked to kill bacteria and other toxins. Chicken, on the other hand, is merely pure chicken.

May 13

Yorkshire Terrier Names Pick Great Dog Names From These Three Ideas

Yorkies (as they are affectionately called) are small in size but big in popularity. Of all the small dogs, they have been in the AKC top ten for the last decade. They have only been bested by the biggest and most popular of dogs such as the Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd and the Golden Retrievers. No other dog in the Toy Group has been anywhere near as popular as the Yorkshire Terrier.

Yorkies are strong and playful, even with their small size. The long, silky coat is usually an almost blue silver color. Some dog lovers who are allergic to other breeds are not bothered by the hair-like coat of the Yorkie.

A unique combination of strength and softness deserves an interesting name. Looking for a source of ideas for a Yorkshire Terrier name? Try royalty, flowers, and gems.

English royalty is a good place to start looking for name ideas because the Yorkie was originally bred in Yorkshire County in Northern England. Matilda, Eleanor and Henry are all names of well-known English royalty. Other countries provide strong dog names including Cleopatra from Egypt. Dagmar is a name from Danish royalty and has a strong sound for your tough little boy Yorkie.

Nature provides great ideas. Not just flower names, but herbs, spices and plants. They may not be strong like gems, but they are greatly appreciated for their variety and color. Dahlia and cosmos are nice names, as is the classic tulip and rose. Plant names that make good dog names are fern and ivy. Saffron and lavender are dog names that come from herbs and spices.

Sparkly but tough gems are a good analogy for the tiny Yorkie. Look to the world of gemstones and minerals when it comes to finding a great name for a Yorkshire Terrier.

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