Mar 28

Which Is Better Designer Dog Carriers Or Cheap Carriers

Perhaps it is difficult to believe that there’s as many options as there are, not to mention individual manufacturers, in the industry of dog carriers. There are actually hundreds to choose from. You may wonder: Do that many people really care about having quality dog carriers?

The short answer: yes. When it comes to designer dog carriers and other types of like a dog purse and a dog sling. But don’t judge these books by their covers (at least entirley) by what how look like on the exterior, though! This is especially important if you and your dog travel often — a dog can be stuck in a dog carrier for hours or days at a time, depending on how long the trip is. So make sure your dog carriers are comfortable. If not, any dog will be really miserable during the trip and not in a good mood when you arrive at your destination.

As was cited above, there are a whole range of options when it comes to dog purse styles, colors and designs. Whatever your personal style may be, there is likely a whole line of dog carriers that is perfect for you. One of the nice things about the industry is that designer dog carriers are often created to resemble the design of brand name hand bags, whether its the canvas bag style or the quilted look. However, a dog sling may be your best bet if you travel more casually, as your dog can stay closer to you as you navigate your way through crowds and/or public transport.

But what’s the difference between picking up a cheap carrier and a more expensive dog carrier? While there are similarities and differences, not all dog owners will choose designer dog carriers with the higher price tag. However,

Mar 27

Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers Business

Support & Advice, Pet Sitting Help & Guidance

Are you considering to start your own pet sitting or dog walking business but would like help, advice, guidance or instruction from us and give your business a kick start , thus get it up and running. Perhaps you are already providing pet sitting services but are facing problems in fetching new clients or in marketing your business to increase your revenue or perhaps you want to expand your business and are not sure how to recruit sub-contractors…

NarpsUK are experts in the field of running a pet sitting or dog walking business. We know the frustrations and the problems that can occur when you try to set up and run the business but to make the process a bit easier, we’re here to support YOU! We’ll answer your questions and concerns very seriously, giving you sound advice when you need it. Call us to talk through your problems or you can possibly email us your questions for written advice if you prefer that.

We are a trade association and joining us will allow you to take advantage of our increasingly popular forum. The NarpsUK Forum currently has over 750 participating members who support each other and also give and take the advice on a daily basis. Topic discussion threads include:

Home boarding licensing conditions set by local authorities
Pet business pricing and costing – transporting dogs in cars
How many dogs should you walk at one time and what problems can occur
How to deal with difficult clients -Does distributing leaflets work
What is the best way to get new clients…and too many more threads to mention.

We find our members replying to new posts very quickly and regularly comment on how lucky they are to have

Mar 27

Keep Your Dog Healthy With Homemade Dog Food Recipes

Lets face it, do we really know what goes into the food that we feed to our dogs.Personally, I had no idea until I started doing a little research on exactly what goes into the making of dog food.After reading certain articles written by doctors, I was shocked to find out that most dog foods were all made with a variety of unhealthy chemicals. At this point it is clearly not a secret, but it again still needs to be pointed out to those people who are great animal lovers,with dogs being in particular. Having read this, I decided to go about doing a small amount of research on how I could go about making my own healthy homemade dog food, just to experiment and change my dogs diet. This is when I came across a website after a great deal of searching which was created by a doctor himself who was marketing his own dog food recipe book for dog owners.The guide contains some 250+ home made dog food recipes which exclude the usage of harmful products which are infamous for mineral deficiencies. The guide does not only contain healthy dog food recipes but also other aspects of keeping your dog healthy such as:

1. Healthy dog food recipes for both younger and older dogs
2. Natural recipe to keep fleas away
3. Gourmet Biscuit recipes
4. Dozens of recipes for delicious, economical, healthful dog food
5. Various other treats

Just like I do,I’m sure most of you who care greatly for your dogs have probably spent hours talking to dog experts,as well as reading many books on dogs in order to get the sort of information available in this guide. So before you go and spend more money on expensive vets and other dog

Mar 26

Many Forms Of Dog Beds

In todays society animals are sometimes being treated better than humans are. One of the latest ways people have created to pamper their pets are pet beds. These beds come in many forms many forms and for many animals. The most popular form of pet beds is dog beds. Dog beds are very popular among pet owners. In most cases the people who spend a great deal of money on a bed for their dog are those who could be considered upper class. Other people may possibly make their dog beds.

Dog beds take many forms. Traditionally dogs were given a box with a blanket, if they were permitted to stay inside the house. In most cases the dog was placed outside in the yard in a doghouse, which once again had a blanket. The box and the blanket was the easiest and simplest form that a dog bed could take. As years went on and people became more and more aware of animal rights and what classified as animal abuse, they began treating their pets better and tried to find more comfortable places for their dogs to sleep. People exchanged boxes and blankets for pillows. People either made or purchased oversized pillows for their dogs to sleep on. At first the pillows were thin and not really fancy. There were made out of whatever materials were available. Today however, people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a large pillow for their dog.

These pillows or dog beds can be purchased at most pet supply stores or in pet stores in general. You may also find some form of dog bed at the vets office. If you live in certain parts of the United States there are people who specialize in making dog beds. These designers of dog

Mar 25

Labrador Training How To Stop Pets From Growling At Kids

As a responsible dog owner, it is likely you are aware that dog growling issues necessitate proper labrador training. Although not all growling incidents are serious matters, steps must be taken to handle the issue in order to prevent it from progressing into more serious behavior problem.

Issue with a growling dog can occur to any dog owner nevertheless, it is more frequent among families with small kids since young ones are not yet completely aware on how to deal with pets properly. Having young kids and a difficult dog in one place can be a lot of trouble if they are left without supervision, right?

So what to do when a dog growls? The starting point is to figure out the reason behind growling. In many instances, a dog may growl to claim his dominance. This is especially correct when you didn’t make it apparent to him who the pack leader is or if he feels as though your kids are below him in the pack order. In some cases, your labrador may growl if he feels threatened. This normally takes place if the kid comes near his properties like bed, crate, food bowl and toys. Moreover, territorial aggression could also trigger growling if he sees that someone is invading his property, be it his crate, bed or the couch located in the family room.

Like many dog behavior problems, growling can be curtailed through training, specifically labrador training in your case. To train your dog on how to respond to scenarios that can induce growling, he must be exposed to these situations with you around all set to correct his responses. Give the kids some food or treat and with your supervision, permit them to present it to the dog. This can enable your dog to understand that

Mar 25

Dog Training

Dog training is something that must take place from the moment that the new dog owner brings a dog home. It can be easy for a new dog owner to become smitten with their new dog, because it’s so cute and playful. However, it’s also important for new dog owners to understand the nature of the dog.

Not only should the pet owner know the character of the dog, but they need to understand that an untrained dog is harmful for a household, it’s unhealthy for the neighborhood and it’s actually bad for the dog. There are many dogs that find their way into shelters or back into shelters, because they didn’t fit in with a family. However, many dogs could avoid the fate of being sent to a shelter if their owners took the time to make sure that they were trained.

The nature of a dog is one that respects and requires leadership. The dog naturally won’t respect a dog owner, unless the dog owner establishes itself as the leader of the home. Therefore, the dog owner has to establish some sort of obedience and socialization training for the dog.

Without these essential types of dog training, the dog will try to test its boundaries. Some breeds of dogs will try to overcome their masters by becoming especially aggressive. There are other ways that dogs will show aggression against their master, if the dog doesn’t receive proper dog training.

Signs of dog aggression in a dog that hasn’t received dog training is excessive barking. The dog will bark at anyone who enters the home. The dog might also bark and snarl at those who live in the home. Certainly, the dog is showing aggression if it starts to nip and bite at objects in the

Mar 21

How To Train A Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are perfect family dogs. Although originally bred for hunting, they are good natured and don’t mind being bossed around. Therefore, they are well-suited for obedience training.

Labrador Retrievers are very loyal and arguably, the smartest breed among canines. Labs are medium-sized dogs that are certainly strong enough to create chaos if untrained. They are extremely playful and oftentimes, too playful for your own comfort.

It is imperative to train your Labrador Retriever to have a pleasant relationship with the canine companion. Here are key tips to consider in training your Lab.

1.Start young.

A Labrador Retriever pup if not trained early will develop bad habits. The older the dog gets the more difficult it will be to alter the behavior.

You should start training the dog on its 8th week after birth. Immediately eradicate behaviors you won’t like your dogs to have later in life. A highly excitable pup that jumps at you is cute but an 18 lb pup can grow up to 80 lbs rather quickly. A full grown 80 lb Labrador Retriever habitually jumping at you is not.

2.Socialize early

Labradors should learn to cope and connect with other people and dogs. This breed is very social; they like to feel that they are not alone. Socializing them early is essential to its well-being.

3.Be the Top Dog!!!

One should understand that dogs by nature, follows a hierarchal system. The Alpha male gets the first, and the best. Everyone else is just subordinates. The Labrador Retriever is no different.

It is extremely important for you to take the lead and be the alpha personality. If you’re able to establish this stance with your Lab, he will acknowledge it just fine. The dog will know its place and it will be its pleasure to

Mar 17

Labrador Retriever Training Teaching The Down Command

Effective labrador retriever training strategy is very important in teaching your canine friend fundamental commands like sit, stay and down. These commands shouldn’t be ignored for they are the very basis of other advance training, like guide dog training, therapy dog training or search and rescue training, you may want your furry friend to undergo when the right time comes.

Like sit and stay, the down command is useful in many ways. Teaching your dog to lie down on command also means teaching him to respect you as the owner and leader of the pack. The same command can also help keep your dog safe and calm during meal time, when there are guests coming and several other circumstances. Additionally, a labrador in down-stay position is less likely to run across the busy street nor pursue cars or children therefore reduces the risk of getting injury and other issues.

To train your pet the down command, here’s one labrador retriever training strategy you may want to take into account:

Call your dog to “come” to you and give the command “sit”. Once in sit position, hold the treat in front of his nose and slowly lower it between his front paws. Give the command “down” immediately after the treat gets to the ground. Seeing the food bait, your pet will naturally follow but if that’s not the case, move the treat further away until he’s fully stretched to the ground in down position. Give him the treat and remember to praise and pet him.

Repeat the process again and again until he he has mastered the command without difficulty.

Additional tips:

– You may want to keep the treat inside your closed fist but make sure that your hand is near his nose so that he can get a whiff

Mar 17

How To House Train A Dog

Dogs are man’s best friend and provide us with protection and companionship, but before these dogs can properly protect us they must be properly house trained. You may think that to house train a dog is a difficult task however, this isn’t so and the following article will give you some tips to help you answer the question how to house train my dog?

The experiences one has with training their dog, can be different from others because there are several factors to consider when house training is done.

Dogs that have dominance issues will be harder to train. Some dogs are smart, but can be quite stubborn and when you require them to do something, they might not do it as quickly as other dogs would. It is a good idea to take some time off from work or from your hectic schedule to keep an eye on your dog when toilet training. Your commitment to this task will prove successful for you.

Here are some items to consider when house training your dog:

* Dominance Issues – Dogs that are more dominant will be harder to train and require different approaches.

* A male dog may prove more difficult to train, as they like to “mark their territory”

* Your home will also be a factor to consider. Having a home with a backyard makes it much easier for house training. The dog is let out when he has to go and he can return when he has finished. If you live in an apartment you will have to set a schedule to take your dog out and you must stick to that schedule for success.

* Sexual drive – If a dog has lower sexual drive then it will be easier to toilet train.

Mar 16

Discover How To Break Your Dog’s Embarrassing Humping Habits

Get Their Attention:
When you see this unruly and embarrassing behavior, first you need to get your dog’s attention. Get it with a sharp voice, clap your hands, or maybe mist them with a water bottle. Don’t do anything that could potentially hurt your dog.

You can also do this by stopping them in mid hump with a favorite toy.

Next, figure out why your dog is doing this. Did you know dog humping isn’t necessarily a sexual desire? Your dog could be doing to show dominance or a way to deal with stress. Dog humping is not just for one sex, both the female and male can do it. Another reason why dogs do this is because of playful reasons. When dog’s are puppies, they hump to initiate play. It’s a very common occurrence of dogs between the age of 6 months to 2 years old.

Humping and Dominance
Your dog may be humping because of their need to be dominant.When your dog humps, an increased amount of serotonin flows to his brain, giving your dog the feeling of satisfaction. Dominance and sexual needs go hand in hand. Naturally in dog packs, the alpha leader had the status and power to mate with other female dogs. It wasn’t first come first serve, the alpha dog has first choice. It happens more frequently with male dogs but can behaviors can be exhibited by female dogs as well.

Thought about leaving the room? Your dog may be trying to get your attention with humping. If you leave the room suddenly, how does your dog react? You may need to use positive reinforcement when it comes to your dog’s humping habit.

Becoming Alpha Dog
Another way you can break this bad habit is if you

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